User input can be acquired by using other input actions provided by connectors, such as call gather input.

Split Flow by Input provides a retry mechanism when invalid input is detected.

In order to create an action switched by user’s input, follow the steps below:

(Suggestion: Trigger Event > Incoming Call Transaction UUID)
Click dashes icon to choose outputs of previous actions:
  • Outputs of previous actions: will be at the top of the list.
  • Trigger Event: Outputs of the initial Trigger.
*Other available parameters:
  • Execution Properties:
    • Execution Start At: the time this flow is triggered.
    • Execution UUID: Execution identity number.
    • Idempotency Key.
  • Function:
    • Generate random UUID: to generate a random UUID for each action.
    • Format DateTime: to convert timestamp into a particular format.
    • Duration Between:
      • First Datetime: Execution Properties > Execution Start At.
      • Second Datetime: Function > Current Timestamp.


  • Other available parameters can be used for other actions only.
  • For each action, parameters can be different depending on your requirements.


Type your message to play to the callers. You can add more messages in different languages if needed.


  • Maximum Digits Allowed: maximum number of digits the callers can press.
  • Max Retry Attempts: how many times the callers can retry.
  • Has Default Patch: If callers reach the Max Retry Attempts, the call will be routed to Default branch.

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