• Delegate (Boss-Secretary) is a function that allows other extensions to answer and make calls on the User’s behalf. 
  • Calls can be automatically forwarded to the User’s delegates (setting up in Inbound Call)
  • Delegates can transfer back to their Boss by using the Transfer function on their devices. 
  • To manage the Delegation list, follow the steps below:

There are 2 types of Ring Mode:
  1. Ring All – All available extensions in the Delegation List will ring simultaneously:

2. Sequential – Each extension will ring in order, one after the other, starting from the first extension in the list each time.

  • Order: Starting from 1. Drag and drop to change its order.
  • Ring times: From 15 to 90 seconds for each extension.


  • Only users within the organization can be added to the Delegation List
  • A user cannot be delegated if they are delegating to others.
  • A user cannot delegate or be delegated when being in a Call Group (created by the Owner/Admins).
  • In the case of Delegation List:
    • If any of the extensions miss the call, it will not trigger its own Unanswered or Busy Flow.
    • For Delegates, they will not have any actions if the call is missed.
    • The working hour of the delegates in the list will be ignored.


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