Users will be charged an activation fee if they purchase new number(s). Different numbers have different activation fees.

  • Applied to:
    • All B3Networks numbers.
    • Ported in numbers.
  • Scenarios:
    • Purchase new subscriptions with DIDs.
    • Reactivate terminated subscriptions is considered as purchasing new subscriptions.
    • Purchase extra DIDs for an existing subscriptions. 
  • Exceptions: Number activation fee will not be charged when:
    • Renew subscription.
    • Extend subscription.
    • Reactivate an expired subscription.
    • Swap numbers in the same SKU.
    • Unassign a number and purchase it again within 24 hours.
    • BYOI numbers.

Cost and Price:

The costs and prices differ from number to number. You can check the cost (from B3 to you) and edit the price applied to your end customers by going to Product app > Number > B3Networks Numbers > View > Choose a country number > click on the pencil icon > Edit > Save.


Both the number and activation fee is charged when users purchase number(s) for customers. Transactions can be checked in the invoices.

  • This process acts the same way for all purchase flows (portal, customer app, invoice and contract).
  • Invoice for the numbers is issued at the moment of purchase – individual invoice.
  • Invoice for the activation fee is issued at the end of the month – monthly tax invoice.
    • All activation fees across the month are compiled in one monthly tax invoice as a usage charge.
    • Each fee is listed separately for the users to identify which fee belongs to which number.
    • Invoice text for number fee: Activation fee for number +xxxx.
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