Post Call Survey allows the system to send an SMS to the callers to gather their feedback after their calls to your Call Center finish. This feature provides a tool for the Call Center to understand the satisfaction of customer service as well as to enhance agents’ effectiveness. 
Customers will receive an SMS containing a URL to participate in a post-call survey and they can rate the level of service from 1 (bad) to 5 (excellent).

  1. Go to Wallboard app > Queue management > Settings Post call survey:

Choose a sender ID > Type in the message > Update:

  1. Customers’ responses will be listed in the Feedback tab under Workspace:
  • Txn. UUID: The ID of the call transaction.
  • Customer Number: Caller ID of the caller.
  • Received Time: The time the system receives customer’s response.
  • Queue: The label of the queue.
  • Rating: Value of the response (1~5).
  • Message: Customer’s response.
  • Agent: The agent handled the call.

Sender ID must be one of your rebranded Sender ID. Click HERE for more details.



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