This application stores your revenue reports.NOTEReport of this month (e.g. September) is available in the next month (October).

Download report:

In order to download the report, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Report app:

2. Filter by:

  • Year
  • Month

3. Download

Report files:

The revenue report includes the following files:

  1. your_domain-yyyy-mm-customers folder: monthly tax invoice that you send to your customer. The same with outgoing invoice store at File management
  2. your_domain-yyyy-mm-cost-invoice-summary.csv: cost that B3networks charge you for your customer’s transactions; grouped by wallet ID and type of transaction
  3. your_domain-yyyy-mm-customer-list.csv: list of your customers, including their name, orgID, wallet ID and closing balance at the invoiced date.
  4. your_domain-yyyy-mm-customer-product-summary.csv: revenue and cost that you gain/ spend on each type of purchase of each customer.
  5. your_domain-yyyy-mm-customer-summary.csv: the summarized revenue and cost of each single customer.
  6. your_domain-yyyy-mm-customer-topups.csv: the top-up records of your customers
  7. your_domain-yyyy-mm-date-summary.csv: revenue and cost grouped by date. 
  8. your_domain-yyyy-mm-monthly-invoice-cost-breakdown.csv: cost that you are deducted by customer’s transactions. The file also has customer name and integration code (the difference to the #2 file)
  9. your_domain-yyyy-mm-product-summary.csv: revenue and cost grouped by product
  10. your_domain-yyyy-mm-revenue-invoice-summary.csv: revenue that you obtain by customer’s transactions
  11. your_domain-yyyy-mm-wallet-your_wallet_ID.csv: summary of your money flow within the month, including your own top-up and amount charged in the monthly invoice. The info here would match that of theincoming SOAstored at File management.
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