What is P2P?

  • P2P essentially means Peer to Peer/ Person to Person. It’s the back end system designed to support a direct interaction between the partners and the customers.
  • Previously B3 governed all parties by the wallet design:
    • All the points in the wallet are with respect to B3
    • All actions between the customers and the partners will need to go through B3.

=> Moving to P2P, all actions will be between 2 parties only:

  • When the customers pay partners to top-up the balance.
    • The money will go straight to the partner. The partner then can increase the balance (credits) in the customer’s account.
  • When the customers purchase a subscription via invoice from partners.
    • The money will go straight to the partner. The partner then can provision the subscription to the customer’s account.

Why P2P?

With P2P model, the partners can have direct and full control of the credits/money of the customers. They don’t need B3 to hold the money for them anymore.

  • P2P is the prerequisite for partners who want to use their own online payment gateway.
  • P2P also is a prerequisite for Postpaid. As postpaid allows the customer’s balance to go negative (capped by Credit Limit)

Things to take note!

  • Prepaid customers can’t spend more than the credit limit the partner set for each of them. Credit limits for postpaid customers apply only on the unbilled amount
  • Credit Flow:
    • Transfer/Issue/Take Back Credits between partner’s wallet to customer’s wallet is EOLed. Partners should properly use the Finance app to create new payments assign to customers that should be associated with real payments received. 
    • Auto top-up is still in the system. The money added to the system comes from real money from the customers.
  • Prepaid Limitation: For partners without any telecom or e-money license, the system will not allow them to provide customers with prepaid amounts more than their own prepayment with B3Networks. This constraint is due to regulatory and liability considerations.
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