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Go to Customer App > find the customer account > View > Payment:

1. Credits:


  • Red Number = negative amount (e.g: -1)
  • Green Number  = positive amount (e.g: 1)

You are able to: 

  • See how many credits the account has: 
    • Usable Credits: the available amount that a customer can spend, inclusive of the credit limit
      • If the usable credits are higher than the credit limit (2086.10148 > 2000), it means that the customer has not touched the credit limit yet.
  • If the usable credits are less than the credit limit (91.33 < 100), it means that the customer is using the credit limit. The amount being consumed is ~ 8.67).
  • Usable credits are used for:
    • Usage (call, sms, dnc)
    • Subscription charge (purchase, renew, extend)
  • Credit limit: the maximum amount of credit a financial institution extends to a client. It can be set temporarily or permanently.
  • Balance: the amount stored in this wallet.
    • Balance =  Usable credits – Credit Limit
  • Reserved credits are caused by an ongoing transaction. If the transaction is successful, Reserved credit will be deducted; otherwise, they will be returned to the Usable credits.

2. Other Information:

  • View and adjust auto top-up settings (on behalf of your customer):
    • Last time top-up amount: $100.
    • Threshold to trigger top-up: $20 (20% of last top-up amount).
  • View and adjust auto subscription renewal settings using the stored card (on behalf of your customer):
  • View current payment method using to top up credits:
  • View and remove stored credit card (if any):
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