Send SMS Campaign

To send an SMS Marketing campaign, follow the steps below: 1. Go to Campaign > Create campaign 2. Choose sender ID > Draft message content Notes: One SMS can have a maximum of ...

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Send Quick SMS

If you want to send a single SMS, follow the steps below: Go to Quick SMS  Select sender ID  Add recipient’s number  Compose SMS  You can use merge tags to customize your SMS. ...

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Malaysian Regulatory Requirement for sending SMS to Malaysia

Malaysia has tightened the rules and penalties, else penalties might be imposed by the operator. Need to put “RM 0.00 ” in front of the message (This is done to inform ...

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The number of characters allowed in an SMS

One SMS can have a maximum of 160 ASCII characters or 70 Unicode characters. If there are more than 160 characters, a charge for multiple SMS will be applied.Message character limits and number ...

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Activate SMS Sender Name Customization Service

SMS Rebranding service allows customers to use a customized Sender Name as SenderID when sending out an SMS from SMS Marketing app or Wallboard app (Post Call Survey feature).Because of telecommunication regulations, we ...

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