Download Report

Reports tab: Reports tab allows users to download enhanced reports with detailed information about the Call Center operations. Each report has a different layout and content, depending on what information ...

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Check Admin Audit

This tab allows the Owner/Admins to check all actions taken place within the account.In order to view the audit, please follow the steps below: Version 1: At the Homepage, select the Audit tab Filter by: ...

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Check Usage History

To check usage history of your account, follow the steps below: Version 1: At the Homepage, select the Usage History tab Filter by Categories: Call Fax SMS DNC Payment Filter by Month Search Version 2: ...

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Check Unified Call History

Overview The Unified History provides a true full view of call transactions for all of the subscribed applications.To check the Call History, please follow the steps below: Click on the Profile icon ...

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Database storage SLA

Depend on type of the report, the period to export is different. 1. Dump report: Basically the historical reports in the system, which is CDR report. Maximum start time: 1 ...

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