This section allows you to configure the general settings and the integration to your CRM system. Below are the items that you can configure in this section.
Go to Wallboard > Settings:

A. General:

1. Agent Configuration:

1.1 Maximum ring time per agent:

After this period, the call will be missed at this agent and follow Virtual Line workflow.

  • The default value is 15 seconds.

1.2 Away Detection:

If Away Detection is enabled, an agent state will be marked as Away if his consecutive missed calls reach a threshold.

  • The threshold can be from 3 to 30.
  • Click HERE to learn more about agent state and system status.

2. Post Call Survey:

Maximum SMS to each caller per day:

The maximum SMS survey that one caller could receive in a day. The default value is 3.


Click HERE to learn how to create a post-call survey.

3. Notification:

3.1 Popup show on:

To configure which place to show a popup for your agents:

  1. None: No popup at all.
  2. Web application: popup appears in Wallboard portal:

3. Desktop application: popup appears in Bizphone desktop app:

4. Web and desktop application: popup appears in both Wallboard and Desktop app.

3.2 Call Types:

To choose which call types to show popup:

  • Call Center Inbound Calls: incoming calls going through Wallboard queues.
  • Call Center Outbound Calls: outgoing calls going through Wallboard queues.
  • Call Center Scheduled Callbacks: triggered callbacks through Wallboard queues.
  • Direct Inbound Calls: direct incoming calls without going through Wallboard.
  • Direct Outbound Calls: direct outgoing calls without going through Wallboard.

3.3 Default Wrap Up Time:

Maximum time allowed for ACW (After Call Work). If the agent spends more time than this, the call will be cut off. The default value is 15 seconds.

B. CRM Integration:


This feature is no longer supported and will be EOL soon. The alternative solution will be updated later.

You can integrate the Wallboard application with your existing CRM system. Below is an example of the integration. Based on your CRM settings, you might need to adjust the fields to trigger the integration.

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