The strict definition of a call queue is that it’s where callers are placed on hold, in a queue, while they wait to speak with a live agent.

What is a queue in Wallboard app?

Incoming call to Virtual Line app > forward to Wallboard. Calls ring directly at the extensions or DID will not join the queue nor have characteristics of the queue.To create a queue in Wallboard, follow the steps below:

1. Create a queue:

2. Give your queue a name/label:

3. Choose queue type:

  1. Normal: Queue is handled by agents
  2. Flow Integration: Trigger a particular flow in Flow App

Queues integrated to Flow App can handle Outbound Call Centre only.

4. Configure your Normal queue:

Click the 3 dot icon at the right corner > Settings:

  1. Configure queue information
  2. Manage queue’s agents (assign agents to the queue, select ring mode)
  3. Set up note
  4. Set up in queue message
    1. Caller announcement message
    2. Music on hold
    3. Voicemail and callback
  5. Set up the capability of the queue (action events)
  6. Set up a dial plan
  7. Set up a post-call survey


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