PIN Login

PIN login is used with a SIP or Bizphone application. Logging in with PIN before dialing from those 2 applications would offer you a trace to see who made that ...

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Create Teams

By creating teams for your account, you will be able to view the Call History at team level Note: Only Owner can create and assign members to Teams, while Admins can only view created Teams. Click ...

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Give Privileges to A Member

Owner/Admins can give different privileges to members within the organization.In order to do so, please follow the steps below: Click on the Profile icon Go to Manage Organization Select Member tab Choose a particular member to ...

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If Your Colleagues Don’t Receive The Emails to Set Password

Normally after you create an account for your colleague, he should receive a notification with a link to set a password within minutes. However, if he does not after about ...

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Account Roles And Differences Between Them

Account roles are designed to limit access to the company data to only authorized individuals. There are 4 roles in this hierarchy: Owner, Admin, Member, Guest. When you create an account ...

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Invite Members and Designate Roles

You can invite more members to the company account to share subscriptions. Follow the steps below: Notes: Owner can invite Admins and Members. Admins can only invite Members. VERSION 1 ...

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