Call Detail Record (CDR)

Introduction CDR stands for Call Detail Record. It is a metadata containing the detailed information about the call session produced by Edge. A CDR has various data of each leg of calls, ...

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Backup – Restore

Introduction Backup is a tool for Edge operators to export all current configuration of a cluster (.json files) in order to backup in case someone mistakenly make any changes and want to reuse ...

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Introduction Netcap is a tool that helps you to capture live network traffic travelling over your network for monitoring and logging. It provides you PCAP files containing the data used to ...

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Introduction The Edge provides a routing engine that selects an outgoing interconnect (outbound trunk) for a call based on a set of user-defined routing criteria. Edge can handle various call processing ...

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Interconnection Trunk

Introduction Interconnection Trunk is the trunk group used to connect one or multiple carriers’ networks with B3networks’s network for the purposes of exchanging Telecommunications traffic.Edge Server is designed to be reliable ...

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Settings – Manipulation

Introduction The variances among SIP networks, such as incompatible interconnection, can disrupt SIP operations. In order to resolve these problems, Edge Server provides SIP Header Manipulation, giving Edge operators the ...

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Settings – Translation

Introduction The translation rule replaces a sub string of the input number if the number matches the match pattern. The regex engine is used to check for a match based on ...

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Get Started: How to connect B3networks with Vendors through Edge Server

In order to connect B3’s system with a vendor’s system, follow the steps below: Step 1: Get some basic settings ready before creating a trunk: Codec:  G711A (PCMA) / G711U ...

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Settings – Capacity

The purpose of capacity limiting is to prevent trunk/peer/interconnect sending too many call requests than given configuration. There are 2 kinds of limiting: Call per second (cps) – Max: 50: ...

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Settings – Codec

Codecs are standards that encode and decode sound into data streams for transmission in the internet environment. Codecs convert audio voice signals into a digitally compressed form for transmission over the ...

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