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Go to Customer App > find the customer account > View > Payment:

1. Credits:


  • Red Number = negative amount (e.g: -1)
  • Green Number  = positive amount (e.g: 1)

You are able to see how much they are able to use:

  • Usable credits: how much the account can spend this month. 
  • Expecting invoice = unbilled amount: the usage amount for the current bill period = the amount that has not been billed/ invoiced yet. Depend on how you are setting up the invoice, the unbilled amount is determined differently.
Sending out invoiceType of invoices to be sentUnbilled amount
Yes1. Individual invoice (subscription, add-on, service and hardware) 
2. Monthly tax invoice (usage)
– Usage charge (call, SMS, fax, number activation fee).
– Reason: the other transactions are billed by the individual invoice every time they incur.
Yes1 consolidated invoice a month (All transactions are composed in the monthly tax invoice)All transactions.
NoNoAll transactions.
  • Current balance: all the amount the customer needs to settle, including the billed and unbilled amount.
    • If the current balance is DR, it means the customer has not paid for them yet. 
    • If the current balance is CR,  it means the customer has already overpaid.
      • Current balance = Expecting Invoice + Amount Due
        • Example 1: Current balance = (-1610.61) + (-0.20544) = (-1610.81544) SGD
        • Example 2: Current balance = 65.98 + (-0.000009) = 65.979991 SGD
  • Credit limit: the maximum amount of money that you let the user borrow. Credit limit is applied on the unbilled amount and is reset every month for postpaid users.
  • Reserved credits: are caused by an ongoing transaction. If the transaction is successful, Reserved credits will be deducted; otherwise, they will be returned to the Usable credits.
  • Amount Due = billed amount: the sum of all costs they have been invoiced for, minus any payments that have been applied to those costs.
    • If the amount due is DR, it means the user has not paid the invoice yet. 
      • Maximum Expecting invoice = Credit Limit
      • Usable credits = credit limit + expecting invoice (unbilled amount) – reserved credits
        • Example
          • Usable credits = 1000 + (-0.20544) – 0.01 = 999.78456 SGD
          • Maximum Expecting invoice = 1000 SGD

If the amount due is CR, it means they have already overpaid by that amount. The overpayment can be used to pay for subsequent invoices.

  • Maximum Expecting invoice = Amount Due + Credit Limit
  • Usable credits = Credit limit + Amount Due (billed amount) + Expecting Invoice (unbilled amount) – Reserved credits
    • Example
      • Usable credits = 100 + 65.98 + (-0.000009) – 0 = 165.979991 SGD
      • Maximum Expecting invoice= 165.98 SGD
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