Different Types of VoIP phones you should know about

VoIP technology allows your business to enjoy the advantages of portability and flexibility without having to invest in heavy hardware for your office.  VoIP has proven to be the best ...

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7 reasons why you should prefer Cloud PBX over Onsite PBX

You have probably heard about different kinds of PBX solutions for Business. The terms may get confusing as they are sometimes referred to by different names. Here are the main ...

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7 reasons why you should consider cloud telephony

All right, so you have heard of other businesses making use of cloud telephony and you want to know more about these affordable cloud telephone solutions. You have some questions. For instance, ...

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Cloud Telephony Solution

7 insider tips to select the right cloud telephony solution

Cloud telephony brings you unparalleled features, scalability and affordability compared to the traditional business phones, PBX systems and legacy call centers. However, it is not easy to pick the best cloud telephony solution ...

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