VoIP technology allows your business to enjoy the advantages of portability and flexibility without having to invest in heavy hardware for your office.  VoIP has proven to be the best way of communicating for all kinds of business needs.

VoIP communication

VoIP communication is a simple yet powerful idea that provides the best possible ways of creating a well-equipped platform that makes use of Internet for communication. So, irrespective of where you are, you will have no problems with respect to connections and costs if you have a working Internet connection.

Now that you have decided to take advantage of VoIP communication by moving to Cloud telephony, how do you decide on what devices to get for your office? Well, you have a couple of options and you can decide based on what your needs are or what you may already have in place – they vary all the way from software-based solutions to purpose-built hardware.

Here are a few different kinds of VoIP phones you should know about:

Mobile Apps

Reliable cloud telephony

A Cloud Telephony solution without an intuitive, reliable mobile VoIP app is like a pie with no filling or a turkey missing the stuffing; it just does not feel right, something is missing. And that is for a good reason.

We live in a world where there is an app for every imaginable event or task. It is natural to expect that mobile VoIP apps would provide a platform for reliable cloud telephony.

Mobile VoIP apps are the ultimate in mobility, allowing you to move client communication out of the office space without dropping professionalism. You can literally take your office extension anywhere with you by making use of a business VoIP app on your iOS or Android smartphone.

Using mobile apps for VoIP communication helps you increase productivity and ensures you never miss a call again.

Softphones and USB VoIP phones

These two VoIP phones for Cloud Telephony go hand in hand.

A softphone is not an actual phone, it instead is a software application running on your PC/desktop.  It uses the data connection on your computer to reach your Cloud solution provider to make/receive calls using the extension or virtual number associated with that account.

You can also choose to connect a USB VoIP phone to your computer using a USB jack. This allows you to communicate using your computer just like a regular phone.

Desktop VoIP Phones

Cloud solution provider

This is the standard solution offered by almost every Cloud telephony provider. Here, you get all the features of a normal phone, along with the unique benefits offered by VoIP technology. Desktop VoIP phones connect to your Cloud solution provider via Ethernet, ensuring that you have a good quality data connection for your calls all the time.

Conference phones

Conference phones are an essential component of telephony solutions for any business that wishes to have remote meetings with its customers. A VoIP conference phone is not very different from a regular one, it just has spread out mics and speakers so more people from the same room can engage on the call effectively.  

A lot of VoIP conference phones working at the same time in different facilities, connected via a conference bridge, can lead to a very powerful and cost-effective communication involving many attendees.

Wireless IP Phones

Cloud Telephony Solutions

We all have gone through the frustration of getting stuck in pesky dead zones, when all the bars on your phone drop the moment you enter the area. You sometimes end up losing the service completely.

As a business owner, you just cannot afford to miss any important calls. Well, you won’t if you use Wireless IP phones – if you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot (which you can install in your premises to cover all dead zones), you will always be ready. This is the advantage of getting signed up to a reliable cloud telephony solution, you do not need to worry about your calls if you can find a way of getting on the internet.

Video Phones

Sometimes, it is best to speak face-to-face. However, it is not easy when your customer is sitting miles away. With Video phones, you can not only see each other while speaking but also make presentations to your customers as if they were in the same room.

With the range you can pick from when it comes to VoIP phones, and the larger backbone of a virtual phone system of the cloud telephony solution for your business behind it, you can focus on important things rather than having to worry about business communication going astray.


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