Cloud Telephony Solution
Cloud Telephony Solution

Cloud telephony brings you unparalleled features, scalability and affordability compared to the traditional business phones, PBX systems and legacy call centers. However, it is not easy to pick the best cloud telephony solution for your unique needs.

This article aims to give you “insider” tips on picking the right could telephony solution for your business. If you are new to cloud telephony, you will gain understanding of what may go wrong with your call center (and why). For folks who have experience with call centers, you will gain insights into why you are not getting the reliable cloud telephony service you deserve.

Here are 7 insider tips to help you pick the right cloud telephony solution:

1. Avoid Voice Quality Issues

Voice quality issues can be attributed to two factors:

  • Even the biggest players choose to run their operations from a central location (mostly in US). This leads to high latency at client locations where the agents are situated far away from the data canter. The end result is poor voice quality. Ask if your cloud telephony provider has presence in multiple continents, so that the agents can be connected to the nearest point of presence (POP) to get the best voice quality.
  • A lot of cloud solution providers have voice embedded in their application. Look for a cloud telephony solution that treats voice and data separately. This will improve quality by reducing packet loss.

2. Look for straightforward Billing

A lot of people ignore billing when evaluating their cloud telephony options. You need to ensure that your cloud telephony provider offers you transparency in their billing practices. For example, it should be clear as to how the free minutes bundled with the plan for each agent license are being utilized. Also, the variable outflow beyond the fixed cost should be clearly presented. Try looking for providers who mention the call charges and cloud call center software charges separately.

3. Demand responsive customer service

Responsive Customer Service

You must have encountered a lot of customer reviews that talk of slow responses from their telephone solutions provider. When you switch to a cloud telephony solution, you need to assume that you will be in contact with your vendor often. You will be trying new integrations, you may face outages, or there may be some simple issues that need fixing. You will need to be able to get quick help to minimize loss to your business. Look for providers who have a reputation of 24*7 responsive customer service.

4. Avoid slow systems

Sometimes, you don’t realize what is causing the lag in your APIs. A lot of cloud contact centers are dependent on 3rd party platforms for core telephony needs. They are built on top of 3rd party CPaaS (Cloud Platform as a Service). Many of these CPaaS platforms were primarily built for simple IVR (interactive voice response) applications, not really architected for call centers which are delay sensitive.  

5. Ensure Data Privacy

At some point, you will need to work towards integrating your cloud telephony solution with your ticketing system or CRM. This will help you take full advantage of the deployed systems to improve your sales and support functions, with benefits like reduced work for agents, improved personalization and more. Some cloud telephony providers end up storing a copy of your ticketing/CRM database on their systems as part of the integration. This can be a risk when it comes to data privacy. Look for providers who have a policy of never storing 3rd party client data for any reason.

6. Look for power dialers inside your CRM

Really simple CRM system

While a lot of telephone solutions provide a click-to-call functionality within your ticketing or CRM software, few offer power or automated dialers, which can enhance your productivity by as much as 18x. Look for providers who can offer you predictive, preview or progressive dialers that can be easily integrated with your CRM system.

7. Get advanced Reporting and Analytics

Reporting is a key benefit of cloud call center solution. Reports can go beyond the traditional agent and call center performance data. You should be able to apply different filtering and visualization options to the data you seek. Invest in AI based solutions that can give you intelligent insights and predictive suggestions by making use of call patterns and customer details.

Use these tips to get yourself a reliable cloud telephony solution that has minimal outages and can take your business to the next level.


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