All right, so you have heard of other businesses making use of cloud telephony and you want to know more about these affordable cloud telephone solutions. You have some questions. For instance, what are the benefits of cloud telephony? What would it cost to get onboard? What is VoIP, etc.?

Cloud Telephony Solutions

Well, let us start with explaining VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP is exactly what it seems to be – it is a voice service that makes use of the Internet to make calls. It is a cloud telephony service that utilizes servers based in the cloud for storing data. And, as it turns out, using a voice service in the cloud has many benefits.

Here are 7 reasons why should consider cloud telephony for your business.

1. More economical compared to premise-based telephony

Even the best cloud telephony packages turn out to be less expensive than premise-based telephone services. This is especially true when you consider any usage-based domestic or international calling plans, as affordable cloud telephone providers typically bundle long distance and international minutes into a predictable monthly fee. At the same time, VoIP setup usually needs lesser hardware.

2. Access to invaluable data for running your business

It is easy to integrate cloud telephony with your CRM solution. This helps you automatically register data about the calls received, made, lost and also the voice mails that customers leave you. You can easily collect and track invaluable data to run your business. You can even route your voicemails straight to your email or other digital repositories, which makes it easier to get to these messages without having to physically access your on-premise phone or dial into a remote voicemail system.

3. Easy to adjust phone call routing

Phone Call Routing System

It is more laborious to manage call routing when you use a premise-based telephone system. “On the fly” changes to how calls need to be handled are especially difficult to manage in premise-based phone systems.

However, when you make use of cloud telephony services, any authorized person from your team can quickly make changes to call routing in the event of loss of power or a major weather incident. Not only that, the changes can be made from anywhere – on the road or from home, as long as you can get online.

4. Improved customer service

Cloud telephony offers better technology, connections, data integrations and call logging to help you improve customer service. Since you have better ways of tracking call information, you can quickly pull up a caller’s information and address their concerns. Using cloud to run your voice services is a painless and quick way of upgrading your customer service and that too in very short order.

5. Makes you more productive

All this ease of access allows you to accomplish more quickly and accurately, which means that you are becoming more productive in more places. Business cloud telephony systems can be set up on mobile devices, providing your business with freedom of movement; you can now stay connected to your vendors and customers. Not only that, you can continue to work from wherever you are – at home, at work, in between meetings, commuting or at a business conference.

6. Helps you focus on your business

Cloud Telephony for Your Business

The easier your communication solution gets, the more you can focus on your business. By making use of reliable cloud telephony solutions, you can handle multiple business needs together. You can also easily connect your business to resources around the globe and hire the best employees without worrying about their geographical location.

7. Easy to use

Overall, the best benefit of a cloud telephony solution is that it is easy to use. It is easy to customize the user interfaces based on individual preferences. Since, the whole solution is on the cloud, it is easy for the operator to update the software regularly without any major impacts to your service.

It is as simple as creating an online account and within a few minutes, you can start answering calls from your customers and start a fully functional call center even if you have just one agent to take the calls.

Cloud telephony is just a step away. Consider investing in the efficiency and automation it provides to take your business to the next level.


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