Call History

Upward blue arrow = an answered outgoing call Upward red arrow = an unanswered/failed/missed outgoing call Downward blue arrow = an answered incoming call Downward red arrow = an unanswered/missed ...

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Call Pickup

To directly pick up the call of any extension, press: Pickup prefix+ Extension key + # Example:  The Pickup prefix is *10 Pick up the call that is ringing at Ext 504, press *10504# ...

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3-way Conference Call

3-Way Conference Call feature lets users talk with 2 participants at the same time using Bizphone Application.Please follow the steps below: Step 1 Call the first phone number Wait for him/her ...

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Call Waiting

In order for Bizphone users to be notified that another caller is trying to get through their line while they are currently engaged on a call, the Call Waiting feature ...

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Call Hold & Mute

1. Call Hold & Retrieve Calls can be put on hold and retrieved at any time. On-hold music will be played to the caller during this period.In order to do ...

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Call Transfer

1. Transfer Call During a phone call, users can do a Blind Transfer or an Attended Transfer to: Internal Extension A number from the Contact External Phone Number Once the users hang up the ...

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Answer an incoming call

1. Pick up a call When there is an incoming call, User’s phone will ring along with a pop-up notification.Press: Blue button to accept the call. Red button to reject the call. ...

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Make an outgoing call

Dial a number from Contact, internal Extension List or external Phone number to make outgoing calls.

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Bizphone App Configuration – Diagnostic Report

Submit Diagnostic Report In case users encounter any problem when using the Bizphone App, they can submit a Diagnostic Report for troubleshooting. Note: In order to use this function, Bizphone users must ...

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Bizphone App Configuration – Voicemail

Mailbox Action You can select one of the below actions: Simply hang up the incoming call Hangup and notify via email Record voice-mail and notify via email Elapsed Time: If ...

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