Basic Workflow Templates

Users can import one of the following workflow templates into the Auto Attendant Configuration page and edit the information accordingly. Go to Configuration > Edit > Click the 3-dot icon > Import(only support .json file) ...

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Block Unwanted Calls

For cases of Unwanted Calls (e.g. fraud, spam, phishing), users can block a specific number from going through the Auto-attendant number. It works by filtering the incoming call ID through ...

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Check Workflow Version History

Our system is able to show the latest 5 versions. Version name and status (Draft or Active) Created date and time Changes made by whom Actions available: Click an old ...

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Check Call History

All incoming calls received through the Auto-attendant will be recorded in the Call History tab with complete details and can be exported if required.  Call history can be retrieved for up ...

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Test and Deploy a Workflow

Test a workflow: After finishing creating/editing the flow, the Owner/Admins can make a call to test the new flow before deployment. Number: the number will receive a test call from the system ...

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Workflow Command: Webhook

In this section, users can post Auto Attendant data to other applications as it happens, meaning you can get Auto Attendant data immediately.  Data can be user-defined parameters, global context ...

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Workflow Command: Forward To

In this section, users are allowed to redirect the incoming call to the previous block if numbers in the current block miss the call. Follow the steps below to configure ...

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Workflow Command: Confirm

In this section, callers can confirm their previous action (e.g: Gather Input action) by pressing “1” or go back to the previous step by pressing any other digits. Note:Digit “1” cannot be adjusted.To set up, ...

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Workflow Command: Set Condition

If calls satisfy the setup conditions in this section, they will be forwarded to the specified destination.You can create more than one condition for a branch. Finish one and create ...

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Workflow Command: Play Message Only

In this section, users can add or attach an automated message for the callers to hear. To set up, please follow the steps below:Choose the type of message: Upload an ...

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