Working Hours

In this tab, you can configure your members’ working hours appropriately.  A message to play to the callers when calls come in during Non-working hours can be configured in the Inbound Call tab. 

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Outbound Call Rule

Outbound Call Rule is composed of the rules for Dial Plan and Countries Whitelist. Manage Rules: You are allowed to: Create new rules Change another rule for your members 1. Create new rules: Click ...

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Outbound Call

Outbound Call is where you can choose Caller ID and Outbound Call Rule for the users. 1. Caller ID: Caller ID can also be changed from the Mobile/Desktop App (if any)Caller ID can be: Identity:  ...

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Inbound Call Blacklist

For cases of unwanted calls (e.g. fraud, spam, phishing), you can block a specific number from reaching your users. It works by filtering the incoming call ID through the list ...

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Inbound Call Whitelist

For users who use the delegation function, Inbound Call Whitelist is where you specify which numbers can reach the users directly instead of diverting to the delegation list when all calls are ...

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Inbound Call

You can configureinbound callsettings for your members in different scenarios: Working Hours: Available Busy Offline Non-working Hours. Working Hours 1. Available: When calls come in during working hours and users ...

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Inbound Call Rule

As a default, the system will display this standard Caller ID on the recipient’s side when users make outgoing calls: <country code> + <area code> + <destination>  However, this might ...

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Devices tab is where you can manage your members’ activated devices. To configure, please follow the steps below: 1. Click Rubik icon > select Devices 2. Select Devices to receive incoming ...

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Delegate (Boss-Secretary) is a function that allows other extensions to answer and make calls on the User’s behalf.  Calls can be automatically forwarded to the User’s delegates (setting up in Inbound Call).  ...

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Call Recordings

Call Recordings tab is where Admins can configure Call Recording settings for users who have Call Recording License.  Admins can toggle on/off to choose either record incoming/outgoing calls or both. For ...

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