Action is the executable unit of the flow, specifying what needs to be done at each step.

  • An action requires inputs (outputs of the previous actions or of the initial Trigger) and will produce some particular outputs that can be used as an input of later actions in the flow.
  • An action can use the outputs of previous actions in the same branch, or in parent branches.
  • Type of actions: 
    • Built-in
    • Subroutine 
    • Connector

Built-in Action

Flow app provides 2 Built-in actions to facilitate the flow of the actions, including: 


  • Splitting determines which branch will be executed based on whether the input is an exact match of the option of that branch.
  • The input can be either user input or a variable acquired from the context.
  • Splitting by input provides a retry mechanism when invalid input is detected.


  • Condition determines which branch of the 2 will be executed based on whether a condition is satisfied or not.
  • Click HERE for more details.


  • Subroutine is a flow that is triggered by other flows. Subroutine essentially allows users to create their own actions from existing actions of themselves or other providers.
  • Click HERE for more details.

Connector Action

Connector actions are external actions provided by connectors. These actions normally require some inputs, which flow configurators will need to feed in by matching the context variables and emit some outputs, which may be used later in other actions.
Here is the list of available connector actions:

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