Assign an existing subscription to a Contract

1. Assign a subscription to a contract If a contract is CREATED or READY after the subscription is provisioned, you can still assign the subscription to the contract.In order to assign a subscription to ...

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Terminate a Subscription that is tied to a Contract

When you terminate a subscription within a contract, you can buy another one to replace it. Depending on the billing plan that you are using, you will be given a refund. ...

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Extend a Contract

If you want to extend the expiry date of a contract in IN_PROGRESS status, please follow the steps below: Go to the Contract app View the contract that you want to change Select Extend ...

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Replace a Contract

If a contract is being IN_PROGRESS and your customer wants to modify it, you can replace it with a new one.Requirements: The new contract start date MUST be earlier than the current ...

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Provision a Contract

Items of a contract are provisioned from the Customer app. You are required to select a Contract before you can choose the items and their variants.This action is done through: ...

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Create a Main-contract

Step 1: Create a Main-contract In order to create a Contract, please follow the steps below: Go to the Contract app Select +Create Main Contract Fill in the obligatory field: Buyer Duration Example: ...

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Configure Billing plan for a contract

Billing plan is an obligatory step when you create a contract. It defines how the customer pays you.There are 2 types of Billing plans: As incurred Milestone After you draft a ...

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Create a Sub-contract

You can ask your supplier for a lower cost for items in your contract, or to simply fix the current cost and avoid future fluctuation. This can be done by ...

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Checklist: How to create a Contract?

Below are the steps to create a Contract: Create a main contract  Set up billing plan for the main contract and mark it READY  Request a sub-contract to bargain for competitive cost and wait for it ...

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Contract status flow

Contract status Pending: when the contract is created, its status is pending Ready: when you manually mark it as ready (see below) In progress: since the contract is being provisioned until ...

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