Remind customers of Unpaid Invoices

Reminders Note:Invoices here refer to POSTPAID invoices.You can schedule to send out alerts automatically to remind your customers of their pending payments.Specifically, you are allowed to:  Create as many templates as you ...

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Organization Management: Update payment mode (Prepaid – Postpaid)

Our system supports 2 Payment modes: Prepaid Postpaid   Prepaid Postpaid Definition The scheme in which the customers buy credit in advance before availing services The scheme in which the ...

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Organization Management: Credit Limit

In case, your customer is running out of credit and cannot arrange the payment in time, you can set the credit limit for them.  For PREPAID account Credit limit enables the account to work ...

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Reports – Handle aged receivables

Accounts Receivable Aging Report The report, or table, depicting accounts receivable aging provides details of specific receivables based on age. The specific receivables are aggregated at the bottom of the ...

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Organization Management: Configure customer Payment settings

Payment settings include: Configure the payment method of the customer The amount of the auto top-up invoice The threshold to trigger a top-up invoice Enable/Disable trigger auto top-up In order ...

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The Withdrawals tab would help the partner to: Take back credits from the customers Withdraw credits for the customer for some reasons: The customer does not need to use services anymore. Withdraw ...

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Payment Management

At Finance App, choose tab Payment The tab allows you to:  Record payment that you receive from customers. Assign the payment to a customer and allocate it to invoices. Top-up payment to customers’ ...

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Credit Notes

A credit note is very similar to a sales invoice or bill, except it reduces the amount owed by a customer to you, or that you owe to a supplier. ...

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Finance application is mainly used by the Billing and Finance Team. It facilitates the management of business processes that deal with money.  Video Introduction

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