Call Recording service automatically allows you to record and store all incoming and outgoing calls from all of the communication applications, including:

  • App model: BizPhone, SIP, Virtual Line, and Direct Line.
  • License model: CPaaS Phone System, MS Team.

It provides you insight into every voice interaction to ensure standard adherence or assist in resolving disputes.


Insanely simple setup:

  • Call Recording can be set up simply and very fast, the whole process takes no more than 3 minutes.

Recording with superior quality:

  • Auto full-time recording of any active phone lines without any additional interaction.

Unlimited cloud storage: 

  • Unlimited storage to keep as many records for 1 year and fast navigating capability to quickly locate all records.

Downloadable records via web portal:  

  • You can play and share mp3 formatted online or download incoming and outgoing calls one-by-one or in batch.

Access right management: 

  • Subscription assignment option to manage to authorize access.

Call Recording Types:

In order to properly support the clients, we provide 2 different types of Call Recording services:

  1. Standard Call Recording 
  2. Enterprise Call Recording
Standard Call RecordingEnterprise Call Recording
Purchased per User Level and per Concurrent Call LevelPurchase per Organization Level
Call Recording Controls:- Record incoming calls, outgoing calls or both depending on settings- Call recording announcementsCall Recording Controls:- Record all call transactions regardless of settings- Call recording announcements
Call Recording Retrieval via Unified HistoryCall Recording Retrieval via SFTP
Call Recording Files are not encryptedCall Recording Files are encrypted

1. Standard Call Recording

  1. Connect Call Recording to Bizphone
  2. Connect Call Recording to Direct Line
  3. Connect Call Recording to Virtual Line
  4. Connect Call Recording to SIP
  5. Distinguish the CR subscriptions by UUID
  6. Manage Call Recording History

2. Enterprise Call Recording

  1. Introduction
  2. Configuration – Filename Design
  3. Configuration – SFTP Creation Process
  4. Download Call Recording Files
  5. Verify the downloaded file integrity
  6. Delete Call Recording Files
  7. Check Call Recording History


Normally, for standard customers, anyone who has the access right can view and open the Call Recording files directly on the portal. However, for security purposes, we provide the enterprise customers with advanced security to access the Call Recording files via SFTP. 

Access via Unified HistoryYesYes
Play Call Recording files on Unified HistoryYesNo
Download Call Recording files from Unified HistoryYesYes (need to decrypt as extra step) 
Download Call Recording files via APINoYes (need to decrypt as extra step) 
Download Call Recording files via SFTP NoYes (need to decrypt as extra step) 
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