Create a Number List for Outbound Call Campaign

The list of number is required when you want to use the Outbound call feature of Wallboard. In order to create a number list, follow the steps below: 1. Configure outbound ...

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Transfer Call in Wallboard

If you receive a call to your queue and the customer actually wants to talk to another agent/queue who is handling the case, follow the steps below: Transfer to another ...

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Outbound Call Center

Wallboard Outbound call feature allows you to make call to bulk of destinations with one click.Make sure you have the Outbound add-on in Wallboard subscription.As the feature is available in Outbound only, ...

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General settings

This section allows you to configure the general settings and the integration to your CRM system. Below are the items that you can configure in this section.Go to Wallboard > Settings: A. General: ...

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Queue management: Post Call Survey

Post Call Survey allows the system to send an SMS to the callers to gather their feedback after their calls to your Call Center finish. This feature provides a tool for ...

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Activities Log

This page shows the agents’ activities within the filtered period.Go to Wallboard app > Activities Log > Filter by date and agent > View and export (if required) Information: Agent Name Status Remark of ...

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Queue management: Dial Plan

Note: The dial plan applies for callback calls. Go to Wallboard > Queue management > Settings > Dial plan > Configure > Update:For example: if you want to call SG numbers without dialing 65, please configure a dial plan as below: If ...

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Queue management: Action Events – Queue’s Capabilities

Go to Wallboard app > Queue management > Settings > Action events: 1. Maximum Queue Size: Default value =-1: meaning a large number of callers (unlimited) can be in the queue. Max value can be set in the ...

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Queue management: Voicemail and Callback

Go to Wallboard > Queue management > Settings > In queue message > Voicemail and Callback: 1. Voicemail: What is Voicemail?A voicemailis an electronically stored voice message that is left by a caller to be retrieved later by the ...

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Queue management: On hold music

Go to Wallboard > Queue management > Settings > In queue message > Music on hold: Background sound (5MB Max) Marketing message: You can either upload an mp3 file or type in the marketing message. Click on button to add more messages. ...

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