Delete Call Recording Files

There is only 1 method to delete the Call Recording Files is via API. When the Delete API is triggered, the Call Recording app will send a request to the ...

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Verify Downloaded File Integrity

To check the integrity of the downloaded files, follow the below instructions. Files downloaded via SFTP Check File Size is not zero. If the file is public-key encrypted, successful decryption ...

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Download Call Recording Files

The user has 2 options to download the Call Recording files. Via SFTP account that was created Via API 1. Download via SFTP Users can use one of the below options to download: ...

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Check Call Recording History

To check and download the Call Recording logs from our Portal, please follow the steps below: Click on your Profile icon Choose Manage Organization On the left sidebar, select the Call History tab Select the ...

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Checklist: Starter Guide

Introduction: Overview: Call Recording service automatically allows you to record and store all incoming and outgoing calls from all of the communication applications, including: App model: BizPhone, SIP, Virtual Line, and Direct ...

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Requirements: Enterprise Call Recording is the latest updated design that automatically captures every call transaction taking place within your business while fulfilling both basic and compliance requirements. Basic requirements: Record inbound ...

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Configuration – Filename Design

Call Recording: Filename = yyyyMMdd_HHmmss_<from>_<to>_<txnUuid>.mp3 yyyyMMdd_HHmmss = Call Transaction UUID Start Time (Based on ORG Time Zone) <from> = Calling Party Number <to> = Called Party Number <txnUuid> = Call Transaction ...

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File Manager App – Decrypt Call Recording Files

After downloading an encrypted file by Public Key using the File Manager App, you need to decrypt it with your saved Private Key. This article will guide you on how to do ...

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File Manager App – Installation Instruction

This article will guide you on how to install and use the additional software to securely view and download your Call Recording file logs. Required file File Manager App Technical ...

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Configuration – SFTP Creation Process

SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol:  A network protocol that provides file access, file transfer, and file management over any reliable data stream. It gives the user the ability to ...

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